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Web Design

Engaging, informative sites

  • Mobile-ready layouts
  • E-commerce storefronts
  • Premiere graphics
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Expertly written and illustrated

  • Professional researcher
  • Quality SEO-friendly content
  • Custom infographics


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Social media and SEO services

  • Brand/reputation management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media content curator

Who is Sunbird?

Analytical    Creative    Informative

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Michelle Lerman

A Great Interview

How can you help me?

Besides crafting responsive websites, I can provide authoritative information — through graphics, multimedia, or text. Such information will improve your company's credibility, lead generation, and responsiveness to customers in this mobile culture.

Many people and companies create their websites using WordPress and other template-based software. However, they may discover that this website no longer suits their purposes. I can transform their site with better frameworks or link parts to a new custom website through a gateway which displays content dynamically, like RSS scrolling newsfeeds.

Please describe yourself

I'm a passionate information omnivore who offers expert research and editorial skills, among other services. I love exploring the world through books, nature documentaries, and travel. In college, I discovered that geography is the perfect blend of natural sciences and cultural studies. I learned basic HTML at library school, sparking my curiosity about this global information ecosystem we call the Internet. I now weave my passions for excellent information and design together as a web developer.

How is the Internet an ecosystem?

We usually think of ecosystems as communities of interacting organisms which share a physical environment. Yet we build computer networks much like those natural systems. Programmers developed software to connect machines that share a common location, company, or purpose. The Internet strings these local area networks into a global information ecosystem. We primarily communicate across this web via email and websites. These sites are graphical presentations of text, images, and media. People construct them using various interacting codes that display or animate such content. Therefore, every webpage and network is an ecosystem within the global one.

I drew The Elements of Web Design (below) to illustrate how web designers use diverse codes, content, and visuals — colorful graphics or media — to create these amazing website ecosystems. We start with framework codes to layout graphics and text, then sprinkle some action codes to offer various functions — such as online calculators or browser searches. E-commerce sites rely on these "languages" to retrieve product information, shipping costs, and such from the company databases. Content ranges from promotional marketing to conversations with customers via social media, which are often inspired by visuals or research presented online.

How do you weave copywriting into web design?

Everything fascinates me. I enjoy browsing all kinds of resources — article databases, books, podcasts, and other media — then sharing my knowledge with others. I strive to present information in creative ways, such as the Elements puzzle. I enjoy learning the latest web design methods, from Adobe actions to WordPress wizardy, to create fascinating sites.

People visiting a company's website seek authoritative information about their product or service. Some companies hire copywriters to edit their content, investigate further, and even find graphics and other media that encourage visitors to read the text. They often gather curated content from reliable sources. Dispersing such information improves your company's credibility as experts, sparks customer conversations via social media, and raises search engine optimization (SEO) rates. Being a web developer, I can also create dynamic illustrations, like this Scrabble game board, since I understand the technical side of this ecosystem.

Elements of Web Design

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Coding links great content and attractive visuals

  • Design: framework codes, graphics, media
  • Developer: dynamic action codes, e-commerce, marketing
  • Copywriter: research, content, social media

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